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Keep Going, Keep Growing

Chestnut TAG Middle School
Science Curriculum

In the sixth grade, students become scientists and engineers in the class where they get the opportunity to discover or enhance their creative potential and develop higher order thinking skills. Students will investigate the answers to different questions and use their scientific knowledge to solve problems. Throughout the course of the year, students will explore several different areas of science, engineering, and technology and use many of the same practices that scientists use to answer questions and engineers use to solve real world problems.


KnowAtom Units

This year in science we will be exploring…


Physical Science (August-December)

Energy and Matter

  1. Gravity & Motion

  2. Atoms & Molecules

Earth’s Place in the Universe & Earth Systems

  1. Satellites

  2. Climate & Human Activity


Life Science (January-April)

Biological Structures & Functions

  1. Landforms

  2. Biodiversity

  3. Cells to Systems

Ecosystem Dynamics

  1. Forests


Physical Science (May-June)

Motion & Stability: Forces & Interactions

Engineering, Technology, & Application of Science

  1. Civil Engineering

Each unit consists of 3 lessons.

During each lesson we will…

  • Gain background scientific knowledge

  • Participate in a Socratic Dialogue

  • Complete a hands-on activity

    • (experiment or investigation)

About Ms. Le

This is my first year teaching at Chestnut TAG and I am so excited to be your Science teacher! Science has always been my favorite subject because I love asking questions and figuring out solutions. In science, mistakes or failures lead us to new questions.

I went to Clark University in Worcester and studied biology. Initially I thought I'd work in a research lab but I worked with youth in the community through programs such as Upward Bound, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and the Boys and Girls Club and found I loved working in education. I received my Bachelor's Degree in Biology and then received my Master's Degree in Teaching. 

A very important aspect to my teaching philosophy is centered around community. I want students in my classroom to feel welcomed, safe, and a part of a collective. I believe students should be able to feel like they can honestly be themselves and feel comfortable leaving their comfort zones as they become scientific thinkers in the classroom. As their teacher, I help establish the community by setting and holding students to expectations of respect for each other’s voice and individuality.

Contact Ms. Le

LLe Photo.jpg

Chestnut Talented and Gifted Middle School 

355 Plainfield Street, Springfield MA 01107

I am available by email, text, and call. Please reach out to me with any questions or concerns.


Google Voice Number: (413) 461-0993

Virtual Meeting: In addition to emails or calls, we can also schedule a virtual meeting. Let me know if this is something you are interested in!

After School Hours for Extra Support:

Wednesdays & by request

Best time to contact:

After school, 3 PM to 6 PM

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